What and who

The name

Elyarch is pronounced ['eliark]; rhymes with "spark".
The "arch" comes from "architecture", our initial area of 3D visualisation.


Elyarch provides digital visualisation of marketing ideas and architectural designs, with emphasis on 3D (video and stills).
We have been involved in the visual creation for brand campaigns, event promotion, corporate videos and marketing of bespoke architectural designs.
Motion graphics, artistic videos for immersive environments and manipulation of real-life film footage are an additional part of our portfolio.

The main characters?

sketch of Graham and Elitsa

Graham Macfarlane

Elyarch's technical director. He is in charge of anything that moves: animation, video processing, video effects, motion graphics...

Graham has a degree in Cybernetics and commands an unusual approach to ideas combined with extensive technical knowledge.

Elitsa Dimitrova

Elyarch's art and design director. She is in charge of anything design related: composition, lighting, colour schemes, mood direction, cinematography effects, reading of architectural drawings...

Elitsa has an architectural degree and commands an analytical approach to ideas combined with an acute artistic sight.


Yes, we have years of experience, fifteen years to be precise, fourteen of which as a team.

In recent years we have created visual content for event and advertising campaigns for well-known brands: Captain Morgan, Ciroc, Singleton, Zacapa, Martini, Stella Artois, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Skittles, Sony, Adidas, L'Oréal, Nails Inc.

We have been involved in major architectural projects such as The Westfield (a shopping centre in London), Intu Derby (a shopping centre in Derby), Liverpool One (redevelopment of Liverpool centre), Friars Walk (Newport redevelopment) and smaller scale private developments, as well as multiple interior design projects.

Have a look at the portfolio section to see some of our work.

Our approach?

In short: Thoughtful and flexible.

Main components are analysis, open exchange of ideas and choosing the best option, whilst keeping an eye on the time constraint.
We pride ourselves with getting the job done, on time and at the best possible quality.

Efficiency, reliability and confidentiality.

This is the way to a long-term relationship with our clients.

Do you think your priorities are the same? Then get in contact with us. We are glad to interact with like-minded people.


Yep, have a read:

"Spookmedia has commissioned Elyarch for various projects involving 3D and motion graphics.
Excellent work, greatly appreciated."

Marcus Dyer (Managing Director), Spookmedia (Edelman group)

"Immersive commissioned Elyarch to create a fly through animation to aid in a pitch.
Elyarch was consistently on time with deliveries and the finish of the animation was of the highest standard.
Looking forward to working together again soon."

John Munro (Creative Director and co-founder), Immersive

"Cityscape commissioned Elyarch for video footage rotoscoping, which was completed promptly
and to a high standard.
We would certainly be in touch again."

Peter Scott (Producer), Cityscape

"Greenspace involved Elyarch in an animation project - we were really pleased with the results."

Lys Eklof (Studio Director), Green Space

"We find that Elyarch is a very reliable company that provides excellent quality of service in a friendly manner.
We are confident that our relationship with them will continue successfully."

Michel Groot (Managing Director), Michel Groot post production

"Elyarch produced video and graphic elements for one of our websites.
We were impressed with the results and look forward to working with them in the future."

Alex McFarlane (Technical Director), Morphlondon

"Design Front commissioned Elyarch to visualise multiple interior spaces. The images were superb!"

Dave Davies (Managing Director), Design Front